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Things you should know about your visit

  • Should I arrive earlier?
    You do not need to arrive earlier than your scheduled appointment time.
  • Will there be any discomfort?
    Sometimes the therapy can be uncomfortable. Clients are encouraged to communicate to the therapist how they are feeling during therapy to prevent undue discomfort.
  • What type of garments will I need?
    Clients usually receive therapy while in their undergarments. Sports bras are acceptable but they usually cover too much area in the back. A regular bra is far more conducive to the therapy. Some female clients prefer to wear swimwear. This is perfectly fine as long as it is a two piece. A one piece covers too much area and renders the therapy ineffective.
  • Should I prep my body before the visit?
    If you engage in physical activity such as a sport, a workout, manual labor, or if you have a tanning session before your visit, please make sure you shower beforehand.
  • What type of behavior can be expected?
    Ravel Therapy holds to the highest ethical standards. Sexual or playful conduct will not be tolerated by therapist or client.
  • Do You Accept Insurance? What Is Your Rate?
    I’m sorry but I don’t accept insurance. I was trained in Europe and what I do is not recognized by insurance companies in America. That being said many clients are successfully reimbursed by their insurance services or they are allowed to pay for my services from some type of medical account. Some clients are able to deduct the cost of my services from their taxes. Im happy to provide email invoices to any client that requests it in order to facilitate any of these avenues. My rate is $150 per 90 minute session.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android pay.

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If you’d like you can fill out a brief client questionnaire. Its not mandatory but it is helpful before your first visit. At the end of the questionnaire you will have the opportunity to book an appointment or you can just wait for us to contact you.

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