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Jorge Acosta
17:09 03 Mar 16
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04:44 09 May 17
Jeff Stanners
04:02 15 Aug 16
April D
04:57 31 Jan 18
For 15 years, I watched my husband suffer with neck and back pain. Massage therapy, accupuncture and chiropractic care all provided temporary relief... but this is different. It’s nothing short of miraculous.. I mean, how else do you describe a chance at a new life? A life without continuous and sometimes debilitating pain. I’m eternally grateful and could not recommend more highly.
Nicole Cothran
21:14 29 Mar 18
Ravel Therapy is a game changer. I have been to physical therapy, chiropractors, and massage therapy in order to fix my knees and nothing fixed it. I was told that I would just have to live with the pain. Ravel Therapy was my last resort and wow! My body feels so much better now than it ever did when I was in high school. And guess what? My knees no longer hurt. I can’t recommend Ravel Therapy enough. Just book your appointment...you won’t regret it.
Travis Zook
18:56 28 Apr 18
Jason Ravel is fantastic at what he does. There is nothing quite like his service on the market. The amount of knowledge he has on the human body and the way it works is remarkable. Combined with the years of experience he has, there is no one better at making the body function how it is supposed to. He has fixed issues of mine that no one else has been able to fix. Along the way he has always explained how my body is functioning and what he needs to do in order to improve it. Besides, he is a great guy that cares very much about helping people. I think anyone can get a tremendous amount of value from what he has to offer. 5/5 Highly recommended!
Ember Toth
01:30 30 Jul 18
Jason is not your typical standard treatment provider. His appointments are not rushed, he spend the whole 90 minutes with you and genuinely wants to help you get better. I was dealing with hip and thigh pain that kept me from lifting for months. No other treatments I received had worked but after 2 sessions with Jason I was back to lifting and after 4 sessions I was back to lifting pain free. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family all who have had awesome results as well
Sarah Horn
22:45 01 Nov 18
Jason Ravel works miracles. If you have pain somewhere in your body that's caused my a posture/structural issue, he will find the cause and fix it. I've been going to him, as needed, for 7 years and he never fails to identify and fix whatever problem I bring him. His knowledge of the body and connective tissues is unparalleled. I don't know of any other person in the US that does what he does. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for helping me after my back surgery. Whether you're experiencing pain as a professional athlete or from sitting at a desk all day, Jason has you covered.
Manuel Reyes
19:15 10 Nov 18
I been scraped, cupped, electro stimulus, acupuncture, massaged, and chiropractic care on a back injury with little to no relief. Jason knew exactly what the cause was and I was amazed that the cause was no where close to where I was getting previous treatments on. Jason is amazing, he's like Mr. Myagi he fixed my back issue and I am grateful to have found him. He is my Body Mechanic. I'm going to him for all my injuries, aches, and pains with my body!
04:41 30 Nov 18
I have always had upper back pain associated with headaches/migraines. Being one who does not like taking medication, I’ve tried many ways to get rid of these issues. The only thing that would give me some relief were deep-tissue massages. This, however, would only help me for a couple of days. I was desperate for something new. I found Ravel therapy, and after reading about what Jason does on his website and the amazing reviews, I had to give this a try.After ONE visit, I knew I had to keep seeing Jason. My first visit was 3 months ago and my back now is not nearly as bad as it was. Mind you, I still have a long way to go with my back pain and posture, but for me to say that the pain is not as bad and my headaches are fewer is a HUGE deal for me! Especially after just one session.During my initial assessment with Jason, he noticed the scar that I’ve had on my abdomen for 29 years. My scar had been building up scar tissue under scar issue causing it to look like a huge bulge or roll even when I was standing straight. I felt like it was also affecting the way I was digesting things. While working on my back issues, he educated me how my scar can be causing other issues in my body. For my second session, we started working on my stomach and after ONE visit my scar was flatter. I’m writing this after my second session and again, my scar is even flatter, and I’ve noticed I’m digesting things better too. After my first session with Jason, I could not stop raving about Ravel Therapy to my family and friends because I was in shock how much better I felt about my posture, my pain, and overall whole body. My husband also noticed the difference with my posture and stomach. Jason is insanely knowledgeable about the human body and his therapy has done wonders for my body in just the few times I’ve been able to see him. Do yourself a favor and just try at least one session.TIP: BOOK ASAP. He is booked out months in advance. I literally go on his website weekly to make sure I can get a date and time at least once a month.
Ric España
18:31 11 Jan 19
Jason is AMAZING. He put his all into figuring out what was wrong with me. He was the only one that helped me find relief.
Zach Rankin
22:09 06 Jul 19
This review is long overdue, I wanted to make sure I conveyed the real experience. For the short version, I would absolutely 100% give Jason 10 stars if I could. He was able to help me more than I ever thought possible. I had a broken collar bone that didn't require surgery, but after healing it affected my posture and range of motion. The doctors pretty much said it is as good as it will get, and could not expect 100% after a broken bone. Jason made no guarantees that it would be back to normal, but said he could help. After 3 session, it's hard to even put into words on what he has changed. After the first session, I noticed a substantial improvement right away. After the second it was almost 100%. He could tell I needed one more session, which made it nearly like it never happened. I can not say enough about what he has done and how grateful I was to find someone that could do what he did. I can't speak for all session, but it did involve some pain during the actual session. He will work with you at all times, but the more he can do the more he can accomplish. It is entirely worth every minute of it!
Shawna Alvarez
01:24 23 Aug 19
I came across Jason Ravel by accident. I was looking for someone different who could help me with my chronic back & body pain. The pain only seemed to be getting worse. I was spending hundreds of dollars on massages that only made me feel better for a few days before I was back to where I started. Chiropractors never gave me relief. I refused to cover up my pain with pills. Yoga would give me some relief but I felt so stiff. I was scared I was going to end up like my grandparents and parents: multiple spine and joint surgeries with no relief. I couldn't believe how bad I felt. I was truly scared for the future of my body and my health. When i found his website, I watched the testimonials. These people were saying the same things I was saying, feeling the same pain I was in. I figured I had nothing to lose, so i scheduled an appointment. After my first visit I had such amazing relief throughout my whole body. I realized I had found someone who truly understands the human body and how it functions.I'm still amazed I was able to find him. The relief has been life changing. I no longer have to fear the future and wonder how much pain I will have to endure. I'm able to hike, run, and work out again the way I want to again. I'm grateful that I have my body feeling amazing again. You have nothing to lose by going!
Harpal Khehra
17:43 02 Oct 19
Jason Ravel is exceptionally professional, punctual and knowledgeable in his study of the human body. In just 3 sessions i am moving more fluidly and can’t remember being this pain free in many years. He has correctly identified my problem areas and is pulling my discomfort right out of me. He is very honest about my progress and has a clear plan for my case. He is always supportive. Encouraging and caring during my sessions. He explains the what and why he is taking his approach in very simplistic terms. It really shows in his word choice and tone. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for pain relief with lasting results.
Susan Crebbin
04:15 13 Oct 19
This therapy is a game changer! I have used chiropractic and numerous styles of massage, which gave short term relief, but did not fix the issues. I started accepting that the pain, limitations, and resulting inactivity were just part of my aging story. Wrong! First appointment focused on my neck and constant headache- boom instant relief. Next was my feet and after one session they stopped aching every morning. I tore my plantar fascia in one foot 19 years ago and have had a flat foot and discomfort ever since. Second session was intense and ended with a shift in my foot- bam I have an arch again! Now my lower back and hip is pain free. Jason treats the cause of imbalances and misalignment, not just the symptoms. Expect a clean and stylish office and a prompt professional that is invested in your healing. Pro tips to maximize each session: 1. Be well hydrated to promote tissue manipulation.2. Breathe thru the intensity- out with the negative energy. 3. Visualize the lengthening/smoothing of fibers. Best money I have spent on myself!
Shane Grimes
23:20 05 Dec 19
I’ll start by saying I am absolutely blown away with the results I received after one treatment. I have had broken my ankle a couple of times In the past and had sprained it 7 months ago prior to seeing Jason. I went through about a month of PT and my ankle still had limited flexibility and some pain. Jason treated my ankle and I immediately felt a MAJOR improvement and got most of my flexibility back. I’m so grateful to have mobility back in my ankle. I can’t recommend Jason enough!
Karim Toursarkissian
04:20 07 Mar 20
Jason is superb 👌 👏!!! He fixed my sciatica and I am only getting better. I am a physician and Jason has been able to provide me the care that no one else has. I highly recommend his practice. I consider him a miracle worker. Only two sessions so far and I am so much better. I am referring patients to him. I cannot thank him enough for his help. I will probably be a lifelong patient who will be a regular.
Sara M
16:36 17 Apr 21
Even thousands zillion THANKS is not enough compared to what Jason did for my health during the past couple years.I'm not usually writing reviews easily and very soon, unless I become totally sure of the magnificent quality, longevity and high standard of a service.Almost four years ago, when for the first time my resident told me about him and his incredible talent and outstanding knowledge of anatomical and emotional human anatomy to heal any type of physical problems and pains, I was so skeptical. It was like one of the magical stories and hard to believe until I became his client. I was physically hurt, emotionally frustrated and psychologically drained from long time pain, multiple attempts for different exams and so much therapy without significant results. At that time, I reached this belief that I should accept it and live with them for the rest of my life, since the real source of problems were not diagnosed to be addressed with the appropriate treatment.Just in my first three sessions in his clinic, I noticed huge improvement in my physical alignment and energy level in all aspects, especially emotional releases that tremendously helped me to resolve many of the physical pains and emotional blockages that I carried in parts of my body which manifested as muscle chronic pains and daily stress. He has a very high level after therapy follow up.Dear Jason, I deeply and wholeheartedly appreciate your high moral standards, amazing and unique therapies specifically Series Therapy.I believe people in the Inland Empire and San Bernardino County are so blessed to have you in a very close distance with your SUPREME care level and prime ethical standards in a VERY comfortable, peaceful and modern pain clinic.God bless you, your health and your family!
Soroush Arjomand
19:32 04 May 21
Jason is a magician with his hands and an extraordinary healer and human.
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