What does a body mechanics therapist do?

A body mechanics therapist works with the soft tissue in a person in order to align the body and free up stuck areas. Distortions, congestion, & disorganization in the soft tissue can result in many types of pain and symptoms.

Body Mechanic Therapies

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    E R.
    2017-05-30 22:07:46
    Jason is truly amazing. He has extensive knowledge and training and fixed an issue I had been having in my neck for over a year that had not previously been...
    T E.
    2017-09-06 13:42:27
    Jason helped my son last year so I immediately wanted to see him for my sciatic pain and uneven arches. I was in a walking book for two months due to an...
    Jacob H.
    2017-06-28 14:24:02
    Ravel Therapy is the best body mechanic in the business. I 100% recommend seeing him if you're experiencing any sort of muscle/body pain. A lot of us have...

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    Ravel Therapy

    Body Mechanics Therapist specializing in clinical and technical soft tissue manipulation. Jason Ravel applies Biomechanics and nueromuscular techniques.

    710 Brookside Ave #1
    United States
    • 11/12/2018


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