Whole Body Series

This is whole body alignment project. the “before and after” photos on the homepage are the results of a whole body series. This is really amazing and thorough work. We start by taking a few photos of the client. This allows me to study the distortions and asymmetries in a client and develop a custom plan tailored to that individual client.

Then over 15 90 minute sessions that could last over a period of 4-5 months we slowly make our way through the body to achieve as much alignment as possible during those sessions over that timeframe. This often yields some of the most impressive results. Clients must qualify for a whole body series. They must fulfill at least 3 standard sessions and after that I can asess if they qualify for a whole body series or not. About 80% of clients do qualify. But some clients are too stuck in one particular place in the body and they would not get the full results from the series.

I seek to guide my clients along the best path for their specific situation because I genuinely care for them and its not good for business to sell services to clients if I can clearly see they will not benefit from it. In these cases repeat standard sessions or deconstruction work would be best. Whole body series is $3000 for the whole project and payment is made in full at the time photos are taken. Cash, check, or major credit card accepted. Client will be assigned a regular time that will be a standing appointment until the end of the series. If a particular date cannot be made for any reason advanced notice is needed to reschedule the appointment that will be missed. To inquire about a whole body series please click this link to send a request.


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