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E R.
2017-05-30 22:07:46
Jason is truly amazing. He has extensive knowledge and training and fixed an issue I had been having in my neck for over a year that had not previously been...
T E.
2017-09-06 13:42:27
Jason helped my son last year so I immediately wanted to see him for my sciatic pain and uneven arches. I was in a walking book for two months due to an...
Jacob H.
2017-06-28 14:24:02
Ravel Therapy is the best body mechanic in the business. I 100% recommend seeing him if you're experiencing any sort of muscle/body pain. A lot of us have...
Virgil J.
2017-09-16 15:11:52
Jason works miracles. I have 4 slipped discs in my lower back as well as arthritis in my lower back. Kaiser just told me I had arthritis. With no MRI or...
Tracey Lee M.
2017-09-29 09:29:49
Jason is a miracle worker. I've been going to Jason for several years and when i have a flare up or an issue with my back from the high volume of Lifting I...
Scott H.
2017-06-22 20:40:14
I've lived with multiple life long injuries, and accepted discomfort and pain as my norm. That is, until I met Jason. Through frequent visits over the past...
Nicole C.
2017-11-16 15:48:13
Ravel Therapy is game changing. I have been to physical therapy, chiropractors, and massage therapy in order to fix my knees and nothing fixed it. I was...

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Shay Capri
Nicole Mitchell
Ravel Therapy is game changing. I have been to physical therapy, chiropractors, and massage therapy in order to fix my knees and nothing fixed it. I was told that I would just have to live with the pain. Ravel Therapy was my last resort and wow! My body feels so much better now than it ever did when I was in high school. And guess what? My knees no longer hurt. I can’t recommend Ravel Therapy enough.
Claudia Osorio
I was in so much pain the last few weeks. There were nights I could not even sleep. I came in to see Jason and he relived the glut pain I had, I was a bit sore but today I feel great. I need a couple more sessions and I'm looking forward to them. I highly recommend Ravel Therapy if you are in any sort of pain and can't find relief.
Jimmy Johnson
I have been searching for someone like Jason, nobody understood my problems except Jason, nobody could reach my problems except Jason, very thankful for him looking for some strong podium finishes

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Jorge Acosta
17:09 03 Mar 16
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04:44 09 May 17
Jeff Stanners
04:02 15 Aug 16
April D
04:57 31 Jan 18
For 15 years, I watched my husband suffer with neck and back pain. Massage therapy, accupuncture and chiropractic care all provided temporary relief... but this is different. It’s nothing short of miraculous.. I mean, how else do you describe a chance at a new life? A life without continuous and sometimes debilitating pain. I’m eternally grateful and could not recommend more highly.

Body Mechanics Therapist specializing in clinical and technical soft tissue manipulation. Jason Ravel applies Biomechanics and nueromuscular techniques.

710 Brookside Ave #1
United States